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Amazon Alexa is not the first smart AI gadget that works as your digital assistant but is the best as per the statistics of the user reviews. Currently, with its second generation features and several other derivative versions, there is a certain growth in its music, smart home, and the digital assistance capabilities and so in the need of Alexa Support.

How to use Amazon Echo

alexa echo setup

Download and Install the Amazon Alexa App

  • The very first step for “how to use Amazon Echo” is to download and install the Amazon Alexa app on any of the compatible devices. This can be your phone, personal computer or laptop.
  • For downloading the Alexa app, you can search it online on any of your web browsers.
  • Alexa app is available in various variants including Alexa app for pc, Alexa app for Mac, Alexa app for android and so on.
  • Also, you can use the relevant app stores as per the operating system of your gadget – as per Alexa support guidelines.

Connect the Echo Device to the Power Supply

Use the power cable to connect the Echo setup with the power supply. Use a power outlet that you are assured is in a working state. Check the light ring of your Echo it now must be emitting spinning blue light. This is your second step for how to use Amazon Echo.

Amazon Alexa Login

Use for Amazon Alexa login to complete the setup procedure. Once you are login to the Amazon Alexa app, all you have to do is a tap on “add device” or the “+” symbol. Further, you will be guided with all setup instructions on your screen. So that is how to use Amazon Echo.  For any confusion, you can get in touch with the Alexa support.

How does Amazon Echo work

For those, who still are a novice to Alexa gadgets (in the rare possible scenario) – Alexa is the Amazon voice-controlled AI, digital assistant. Now let us guide you with how does Amazon Echo work. It provides you the functionality of watching your wishes to be fulfilled just by asking, of course not everything. But atleast simple ones such as playing your favorite tracks, listening to the real-time weather reports, turning on or off your smart lights and so on. With the time and the advancements, this incredible AI voice assistant has increased their capabilities by leaps and bounds with the help of Alexa skills.

Alexa Skills are the real strength of the Alexa. It’s not wrong to say that it’s the Alexa skills that bought this gadget to the limelight. Alexa skills are the small applications that enable the use of Alexa voice functionality to be used with the other smart gadgets. Now from ordering your favorite pizza to raising the room temperature, there are plenty of things that you can achieve by enabling the Alexa skills. And the best part is the ease of using the skills, it’s as easy as just to ask “Alexa, which Alexa skills should I try?”.

Yes, that’s it. With the help of Alexa skills and Alexa Support, you get the total voice control of your premises like you can turn on or off the smart security locks, interior or outdoor lights, ask the coffee maker to prepare coffee and the list is going bigger and bigger. So that’s how does Amazon Echo work.

echo setup

Need for Alexa Help

Alexa is the cloud-based Artificial Intelligence voice service that serves as the digital assistant on tens of millions of devices manufactured by both – Amazon and other third-party manufacturers. Alexa digital voice assistant is providing an intuitive way to interact with the AI technology. However, with all these advancements also comes the need for Support Services. And that is exactly what we are for. Some unwanted scenarios such as the setup or the Amazon Alexa login errors requires real-time Amazon Alexa Help. Our experts are available 24*7 to keep your smart gadgets up to date.

Our Services has put together various methods to setup your Alexa device. You will also find here most of the errors fixes and technical steps providing Alexa support for every Echo device – Echo, Echo Dot, Tap and the Show. Not only this, but we do also provide support for various other issues that you may encounter with the devices that work with Alexa using the Alexa skills. These include issues with smart lights, thermostats and enabling or disabling Alexa skills, device not responding, unable to set up and much more. Given below are some the attributes that we follow to provide you the services that are none other than best.

alexa setup

24/7 Real-Time Assistance

Our proficient, reliable and experienced technicians are there for you round the clock. So whenever you are looking for support or Alexa help, it won’t be difficult for you to find the best option. You can call at our Toll-Free number 24/7 from any sort of Amazon Alexa Help.

High Tech Security Setup

With the advancements in technology has increased the risk of cyber crimes and phishing. That is why your smart home gadgets along with AI, must ensure safe and secure connections. Our Alexa Support experts ensure that your security is never compromised with the advanced security setup.

Experience Top-Notch Support Service

Based on the ratings of the users, we have satisfied 96.7% of our clientele with our impeccable and outstanding Amazon Alexa help service. So if you are looking forward to taking your support experience to the top-notch, you have come to the right place!

How to deal with Alexa setup Error?

Even being the easy process, many users may face difficulties while setting up their new Alexa gadgets. Sometimes it the error 7:3:0:0:1, and other times it is the never-ending blue light on the light ring. Also, the device might not be responding or unable to pair with the home Wi-Fi network.

In such scenarios, the first and foremost thing to do is checking the hardware of your gadget. The second thing to take in consideration the Amazon Alexa login app. The Alexa app must be properly installed on the device that is connected to the Wi-Fi network to which you have to connect your Echo device.

If all this is good, then check the version of your Alexa app. Sometimes it’s the outdated version that creates such issues. Apart from this, also check the firmware of your echo device. In the Alexa app, make sure you have added the device successfully. And if nothing seems to be working, we are always here to provide Amazon Alexa help and are just a call away.

Amazon Alexa Help

Remember, having an active Amazon account is crucial for the Alexa setup. For new users, they can create a new account within minutes at With out this, you can’t make the use of Echo device. However, you do not require the “prime membership”. But without the membership, you will be deprived of a few features such Amazon music library, prime shopping deals and much more.

After the Alexa setup is done, ask her “Alexa, what’s the time?”. If she responds you with the current time, your Echo is all set to use. However, remember that, you need to set up devices individually in the app, if you have multiple Echo devices.

The default wake word is “Alexa”, but you can change it as per your preference. You have three options available – “Amazon”, “Echo” or “Computer”. To change the wake word, simply go into the settings in the Alexa application or

Alexa Setup done, what’s next – Go for useful Alexa skills

To make your Echo more useful, you must enable Alexa skills. You can do so either using the dedicated application or This will help you to control many smart home gadgets with the Echo device. But, these skills can only be enabled after the successful Alexa setup. There are plethora of Alexa skills out there, but you must be familiar with a few things before enabling any of them.

Alexa Setup
  • These skills are not developed by Amazon (some might be). Rights are provided to third-party developers to create and publish their skills for Alexa.
  • Anyone interested (including even you), can create his/her own skill with Alexa Blueprint Access.
  • As already said, there is gamut of skills available, some of these may not be worth of your time. This is because their usage is not so helpful.
  • Some specific skill demands additional hardware. These skills are related to managing other smart home products with Alexa digital assistant.

So, these are the things to consider but it is just tempest in the teapot. Undoubtedly, Echo devices are great to be used in your home. With just a little tweaking, these can be your best companions in this technology-driven era.

Now, let us help you with how to enable them. Many but not all skills will not enable by-default. Hence, you are advised to execute the given activation steps as per the provided order.

How to enable Alexa Skills

Mostly, simply asking Alexa, enable “skill name” works like a charm. However, some will compel you to use the Alexa app or Here’s how to enable such skills:

  • Open the Alexa application and go to the “skills” option under the main menu.
  • You can reach out to the main menu using the button on the upper left hand corner of home screen.
  • Use the search option to find the desired “skill”.
  • Enter the initials of the skill, and the search option will show you the desired results.
  • After you perform the search, tap in the ‘enable button’ adjacent to the particular skill.
  • This will enable the skill, provided that, your Alexa setup amazon process is successfully executed.

Best Alexa Skills For News, Weather and Traffic

  • Flash Briefing
  • Alexa, how’s the Weather toady.
  • Check out skills offered by your local newspaper.
  • Big Sky and Ask Wxbrad for weather.
  • Dig news from “Digg”.

Best Alexa Skills For Entertainment

  • The Tonight Show
  • Play Beer Googles
  • Radio Mystery Theater
  • The Dallas Morning News
  • Fox News Rundown

Smart Home Skills

  • LIFX skill
  • Hue Skill
  • Thermostats Skill
  • Rumba Skill
  • Particular Gadget Skill

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