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Amazon Tap Setup

Although the Echo gadget comes along with the Amazon echo instruction manual, but for novice users that is only one thin piece of paper. This make people struggling to connect Echo to Wi-Fi. These instructions will guide you how to perform Amazon Tap Setup in an easy-to-understand manner.

First, let’s explain the general flow of setting. Amazon Tap setup requires three things – Echo Tap device, Home Wi-Fi (connection password required) and a Smartphone or a computer Echo is not connected to the Wi – Fi network at home as shown below, simply by turning on the power. You can not do anything unless the truth echo is also connected to the internet. First of all, connect a smartphone (personal computer) and echo via Wi-Fi. Then, make settings to connect echo to the home Wi-Fi network. When echo setting is completed, echo can connect to the home Wi – Fi network.


Initiating the Amazon Tap Setup Process

Let’s take a series of flows and let’s do concrete operations.

  • First, follow the instruction sheet of the attached paper, connect echo to the power supply. After a while, Alexa’s message flows. Follow the Alexa message, download the Alexa application to your smartphone.
  • In addition, when making settings on the personal computer, make settings from alexa.amazon.com. Since the flow of setting is the same as smartphone, I think that you can proceed with reference to the screen of the following smartphone.
  • Enter your Amazon ID and password and tap “Login”. If you do not have an Amazon account, you need to create an account.
  • In case you are setting up 2-step verification, enter the authentication code sent to SMS. If 2-step verification is not set, this operation is unnecessary. Check “Please do not request code again on this device” and tap “Sign in”.
Alexa Setup

Customizing the Device

  • Read the terms of use and tap “Continue”.
  • As it becomes the home screen of Alexa application, tap “Customize ALEXA”.
  • As it becomes the setting screen of the Alexa application, tap “Setup a new device”.
  • Select the device to set up. Tap Echo you use. The example in the figure below is “Echo”.
  • Select the language and tap “Continue”.
  • Start setup of Echo. Tap “Connect to WI-FI”.
  • Please wait until the light ring turns on in orange is displayed
    If it does not turn on orange after waiting for a while, press and hold “action button” at the top of the echo main unit for 5 seconds.

Then, the message “Setup mode is turned on, follow the procedure of Alexa application, please do setup will tap, so tap on continue.

Completing the Alexa Tap Setup Process

  • In the “Select Wi-Fi network” screen of the Alexa application, tap “Wi-Fi network name of your home” (the name varies depending on the person).
  • If it does not appear in the list, tap “+ Add network” because home Wi – Fi name is set to “private network” (If your home Wi – Fi name is in the list In this case, this operation is unnecessary).
  • Enter the “Wi-Fi network name” of your home, “Password to connect to Wi-Fi at home” “Security type” and tap “Connection” (There is a home Wi-Fi name in the list If you do, you will be OK with only “password”).
  • The message “Echo is preparing to connect” appears, so wait for a while. If Echo can successfully connect to Wi-Fi at home, “Setup Complete” will be displayed.

This complete all the initial settings. For any query feel free to reach out our Amazon Echo Experts.

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