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Amazon Echo Plus Setup

The initial Amazon Echo Plus setup requires only the following three things – Amazon Echo Plus Gadget, a smartphone and the Wi-Fi environment. Connect the power cable to Amazon Echo Plus main body and insert it in the outlet Let’s first insert the power cable into Amazon Echo Plus body. Next, plug the power plug into the outlet. Within 5 seconds, the top of Amazon Echo Plus starts to light blue

After a while,  you will notice the orange light on the top of Amazon Echo Plus, changing from the blue, according to the procedure of Alexa app now your gadget is ready to set up. After the setup is complete  you can begin to talk with your Alexa gadget.


Download & Install Alexa application

Go to the App Store and search “Alexa” to come to the top. There are no other options, so let’s install it. Of course, it is free.

  • Installation is complete. Tap to open the Alexa application.
  • Set up Amazon Echo Plus with the Alexa app!
  • Enter the essence setup. The big flow is as follows.
  • Log in to Alexa app with Amazon account.
  • Connecting smartphone (Alexa application) and Echo Plus main unit.
  • Connect Amazon Echo Plus to the house’s Wi-Fi (internet).
  • Log in to Alexa app with Amazon account.
  • Open the application.
alexa setup
Alexa support

Login to the Application and Complete the Echo Plus Setup

After a while, the sign-in screen will change. Log in with your existing Amazon account and then follow these steps:

  • There might be a few people who do not have an Amazon account, in that case tap [Create a new amazon account].
  • When login is completed it welcomes “Welcome to Alexa!”
  • Connecting smartphone (Alexa application) and Echo Plus main unit
  • Next, select the device you want to set up. Tap [Echo Plus] this time
  • Let’s choose the language. Since it is in English from the beginning, tap “Continue”
  • From here it is network setting / connection. Tap “Connect to Wi-Fi”
  • An explanation will come out. Tap “Continue” when confirming that the top light of Amazon Echo Plus is rotating in orange.
  • An explanation comes out. Apparently it seems Wi-Fi is skipping from Amazon Echo Plus main body, so it seems necessary to connect the iPhone to that Wi-Fi.
  • Close the application, open the “Settings” icon

Amazon Echo Help

Most of the users can do up to WiFi password setting, but can not complete the setup after that.Many users said that they have tried setting up the iPhone ‘s Alexa application and PC many times but everything fails while various messages are displayed.

  • Error 1
  • The certificate has expired
  • Registration error

In such undesired scenarios, the Amazon Echo Help Team is just a call away. Our professional experts with their cutting – edge knowledge will provide you step by step assistance for every sort of Amazon Echo plus issue – from setup to plug and play. Our only main agenda of working is the customer satisfaction and that is exactly what our each expert provides you. Just give us a call at anytime, we will be happy to assist you.

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