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Download Alexa App

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For Echo or Alexa –enabled devices Amazon lab126 has designed and developed the Amazon Alexa app. It is the companion for your Echo device including the Tap, Show, and Dot for the setup and the managing procedure. So you need to download Alexa app, in order to get started with Echo devices. The best part about Alexa is the more you use it, the more she adapts your commands and makes the personal preferences that you like.

It’s not only the setup part for which the Alexa app is required. Apart from it, it provides you various other functionalities such as the making several groups of your smart home devices, set preferences as per your requirements and much more. The Alexa application is available for various platforms from Windows to Mac, and Android to iOS.

Alexa App For Windows

To download Alexa app for windows you will need an active Amazon account, windows operating system with at least version 7 and of course a reliable internet connection.

Alexa App Setup For Windows

  • If this is your first time configuring the Echo device using a windows device, then first you need to install the Alexa app for windows.
  • For this either you can go to your Amazon account using Alexa.Amazon.com and set the Alexa application from there or you may use the internet browser.
  • Simply open any of the installed Web Browsers and search for Alexa app for windows.
  • Find the compatible version with your operating system and download the application for Alexa Setup.
  • After downloading the application, tap on the downloaded file and then tap on install. You will have to follow a certain set of on-screen instructions for the setup.
  • Once all set, tap on “add a new device” or the + icon in the Alexa application. In the mean-time make sure that you have properly connected the power supply to your Echo device.
  • An Orange light on the light ring of your Echo gadget will notify you about the device is being prepared to setup. Follow the further instructions and you are all set.
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Is There Any Alexa App For Android?

If you are a fan of Android, you can take the leverage of using the Alexa application on your Android device. Since most of the mobile devices come equipped with the Android operating system, it makes the Alexa app for Android- the easiest solution for managing your Echo devices on your fingertips. The only prerequisites for the installing and configuring of Alexa app for Android are – Android operating system minimum 5.0, an Active Amazon account with the credentials and a stable internet connection. For installing the application, you may use the Google app store or you can use the web browser for downloading the Alexa app .apk file. Once downloaded, simply follow the on-screen instructions to set up and manage your smart devices.

Can I download Alexa app for Mac?

Yes, you can download Alexa app for Mac devices is also available. So if you have an iphone, ipad or iphone or the MacBook; you can install and use the Amazon Alexa application. But there are certain things that you must care about:

  • Any device you choose for the installation of the Alexa app, make sure is connected to the Internet.
  • While looking to download Alexa app in app store, make sure you choose the correct application with a blue color logo.
  • You will require your Amazon Alexa account credentials for sign in to the Alexa application.
  • Once you are in, from the settings tab you can manage your smart home devices on the go. For any sort of assistance with Alexa app for Mac, Amazon echo help team is just a call away.

Common Issues With Alexa App


Alexa app is neither Working nor Responding

Sometimes when you download Alexa App, it get stuck or is unable to open, in such scenarios, you may use the instructions given here.


Activation Issues with the Alexa Devices

Being undoubtedly best AI gadgets, still, sometimes you may face issues related to the activation, refer to these tips, for avoiding such issues.


Unstable Wi-Fi Connectivity

The LED status of the Echo gadget, tell you a lot about the strength of the connected Wi-Fi, for troubleshooting Wi-Fi connectivity issues, these are the tips to try.


Bluetooth Issues

Most of the audio distortion in the paired up Bluetooth speaker come to existence because of the Bluetooth issues, for this you have to check both – speaker as well as Echo device.

What causes the Alexa app Stuck on Setup problem

After receiving numerous reports from multiple users, our technical experts had decided to investigate the issue and came up with a set of solutions which solved the problem for most of our users. Also, we looked into the reasons due to which Alexa app gets stuck on setup and listed them below.

Compatibility issue: This issue arises when your phone is not compatible with the Amazon Alexa app. Hence, the app may get stuck during the setup and fail to work because of the incompatibility. You have to check the standard requirements for Alexa app before proceeding to set up.

Incorrect date and time: Your Alexa app might have issues during the setup process due to incorrect date and time on your phone. Be sure to set the correct date and time to avoid the problem.

Smart network switch: When the Smart Network Swatch is on in your phone, chances are that the Alexa app may have problems while setting it up. Therefore, you should consider turning this feature off.

VPNs and AD guards: If you find out that your Alexa-enabled device has installed AD guards or VPN, you should consider disabling them. This is because they interfere with the set-up process, thus, creating the Alexa app stuck problem.

Outdated Android system: Alexa app for Android may get stuck during the set-up process due to the use of outdated apps.

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues within your Alexa application, feel free to get in touch with us. Our highly talented and experienced technical experts for Alexa app are always here to assist you. Just dial our toll-free number +1-855-574-2766.

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